Do social workers ever regret entering social work because of the (relatively) low pay?

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Social workers are dedicated people that provide valuable services to families and their communities. Unfortunately, the social work profession is known for its low pay. Many social workers regret getting into the profession for this reason.

What is interesting to note is that it depends on which branch of social work you will choose that will dictate your salary. Social workers will not be able to make a good salary if they work, for example, at a homeless shelter. It would be better to volunteer their time at a homeless shelter instead, and keep that as a charitable aspect of their life.

If one wants to make a respectable salary, then choosing a branch of social work that commands more money is necessary. For example: providing therapy for veterans via the VA, providing child assessments for divorce lawyers, providing medical discharge planning, supervising child abuse investigations, etc., are some options. It is very important to define the professional aspect of social work as something different from the charitable aspect of social work in order to avoid disappointment.

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